Cd Ross

No they don’t. They employ accountants to avoid taxation and are happy for the disadvantaged to live and die in the gutter, of hunger, homelessness and misery. The rich have no compassion for the undeserving poor, whatever that means. The underclass were born to be exploited. That’s how the rich stay rich.

Love’s a Funny Game

(A Poem)

Love’s a funny game you’re unlikely to win

You allow your heart to be broken,

But do it all again.

I thought I loved you, I was so wrong,

It wasn’t meant to be, so, so long.

I’d write you a poem, I’d write you a song

Maybe a story, but a novel’s too long.

Loves a funny game you’ll inevitably lose

You found someone better

But its your choice to choose.

I can’t say that I’m bitter

I don’t care what you think

Love’s a funny game

That nobody wins.